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For the Sake of the Donkeys!






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Ramat Gan, March 11, 2012




 Photo credit Avi Saad

Hakol Chai is launching a new project to provide free medical help for donkeys in the south of Israel


As part of the Save the Donkeys project, Hakol Chai will offer appropriate medical care for donkeys in need.


As an integral part of this project, starting as a pilot in the south of Israel and planned to cover the rest of the country in the future, a special Hakol Chai team, including a veterinarian, will travel among the Bedouin settlements, where large numbers of donkeys are typically to be found.


On their rounds, the Hakol Chai team will provide the residents of the region with explanations and information about how to care properly for the donkeys, both in terms of nutrition and in terms of living conditions, and will hand out explanatory material that the owners of the donkeys can use in the future.


A spokesperson for Hakol Chai says that donkeys will be carefully examined by an expert veterinarian accompanying the task force, and if found to be in need of medical treatment that they have not received for financial reasons, the association will help provide the necessary treatment for these donkeys.


The settlements where the pilot project will be carried out are Rahat, Tel Sheva, Segev Shalom, and other small settlements in the area.