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Hakol Chai Sends Food and Aid North; Evacuates Animals

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Press Release: August 2, 2006

Press Release: August 6, 2006

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August 6, 2006, Tel Aviv


Hakol Chai, the Israeli sister charity of Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI), rushed a second shipment of four tons of cat and dog food to the north of Israel last night, bringing the total shipped to eight tons since the beginning of the war. Night after night, Hakol Chai rescue teams comb the northern region, feeding, watering, and evacuating animals in the line of fire. In addition to food and water containers, Hakol Chai has sent vaccinations and tick repellant, as volunteers report that abandoned dogs are infested with ticks.


At dawn today, Hakol Chai's team was called to Shlomi to evacuate an abandoned puppy and a dog who was badly beaten when he tried to seek refuge in a bomb shelter. Both dogs were in critical condition, suffering from starvation and dehydration. Both were treated and evacuated to safety. Last night's rescue team was joined by veteran animal rescuer Sam Hall, an American who saved animals during disasters around the world, including the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.


Posters hung in bomb shelters throughout the north by Hakol Chai volunteers urge people who left their animals behind to call Hakol Chai for help. One caller from Akko alerted the rescue team to a house where they found numerous starving and dehydrated animals, including three adult dogs, eight puppies, pigeons and rabbits in small cages, about 20 chickens, parrots, a falcon, and other animals.


"We urge all residents in the north to please call us if they are aware of animals in need. We're here to help!" says Hakol Chai's Director, Yadin Elam.


Hakol Chai's rescue and relief efforts were featured in video footage on the front page of Ynet, the most widely read news website in Israel, after a Ynet employee traveled with the team one night. Its efforts were also featured in newspapers worldwide, thanks to a story by an Associated Press reporter who also traveled with the team.