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Christianity and Animals: Vegetarianism


By Stephen Kaufman





Good Stewardship

The Bible & Vegetarianism

Scriptural Challenges to Vegetarianism

Other Issues



Judaism & Animals

Islam & Animals

Our Food

Vegetarianism & Veganism

Factory Farming




The Christian Vegetarian Association holds that the Holy Spirit inspires us to live according to our deepest, faith-based values — our "calling." We find that Christians care, often deeply, about world hunger, human well-being, the environment, and animals. Since a plant-based diet helps address these concerns, we see it as an opportunity to honor God.


Vegetarianism's Benefits — Good Stewardship


World Hunger

Your Health

The Earth

Animal Welfare


The Bible and Vegetarianism


Animals and Human Use

Why Did God Give Noah Permission to Eat Meat?

God's Concern for Animals

Human Life and Animal Life

Animal Sacrifice

Didn't Jesus Eat Meat?


Scriptural Challenges to Vegetarianism


Other Issues


Is Eating Meat Sinful?

Christian Vegetarians

Animal Welfare Laws

Workers in Meat Industries

Predators and Carnivores

Holiday Celebrations


Stephen Kaufman, M.D., co-chair of the Christian Vegetarian Association and coauthor of Good News for All Creation: Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship, adapted this material for CHAI from his booklet, What Would Jesus Eat...Today?