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Islam and Animals


By Al-Hafiz B.A. Masri





Section One

Section Two

Section Three

Section Four

Section Five


Judaism & Animals

Christianity & Animals




The material in these sections is from the book Animals in Islam, written by the late Al-Hafiz B.A. Masri, the first Sunni Imam of the Shah Jehan mosque (Woking, U.K.) when it was the Islamic center of Europe. He was widely respected for the depth of his scholarship in this field. (An Imam is a scholar who has studied the Koran and memorized it in its entirety.)

Among the sources quoted in this book are the Qur'an Majeed, the first source of Islamic law (Shari'ah); Hadith or Tradition, the second source; and Ijtihad, inference by analogy, the third source. Together, these three sources make up Islamic case law or "Juristic Rules" (qwdidatul-fiqhiyah) that are the guidelines to be followed for any legal question. Many issues relating to animals, such as vivisection, factory farming, and animal rights did not exist 14 centuries ago and, therefore, no specific laws were passed about them. To decide on issues developed in recent times, Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh) has left it to Muslim Jurists (fuqaha'a) to use their judgment by inference and analogy, based on the three above-mentioned sources.

Section One

Dominion Over Animals

Animals Are Our Teachers

Animals Are Members of Communities and the Family of God

Human/Animal Communication

Animals Have Consciousness

Animals and Humans Must Share Natural Resources


Section Two

Is Animal Suffering Fate (Allah's Will) or the Fault of Humans?

Experimentation on Animals

Fur and Other Uses of Animals

Animal Fights


Section Three

Factory Farming


Slaughter of Animals Used for Food


Section Four

Providing for Animals Used to Carry Heavy Loads

Cruelty to Animals

Animal Sacrifice


Section Five

The Importance of Respecting the Balance of Nature

The Importance of Conserving Nature

Blood Sports

Military Research, Including Wound Labs

Animals in War