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One of the many puppies rescued by CHAI during the war with Hezbollah, very happy in his new home

Providing for Israel's animals in your will, or through other forms of planned giving, is a wonderful and important way to ensure that your legacy of compassion continues into the future. Planned gifts are of the utmost importance to CHAI's ability to continue to help animals.


The term "planned giving" refers to several kinds of gifts made in accordance with United States tax law. The information on this website primarily relates to these U.S. tax laws. We welcome donations from individuals in other countries. Please check with your lawyer or financial advisor for information about regulations in your country.


Planned gifts include your donations that CHAI receives now and also those that CHAI will receive in the future.


A gift that CHAI will receive during your lifetime

These donations can be in the form of assets such as cash, securities, real estate, or personal property, such as a car. U.S. tax laws encourage charitable giving, and in many cases, you can receive a substantial tax deduction in return for your gift.


A future gift

The most common method to make a planned future gift is by will or trust. Because U.S. tax laws encourage charitable giving, unlimited amounts can generally be left for charitable purposes free of estate and gift taxes. Although the information on our website relates primarily to U.S. tax laws, we welcome help from individuals in other countries. Please check with your lawyer or financial advisor for information about regulations in your country.






Please note: We strongly suggest that you consult with a qualified specialist, such as your lawyer, estate planner, or financial advisor for more information, assistance, and advice.

Gift of securities

Gift of real estate

Gift of a retirement plan

Gift of insurance

Gift by will or trust


Gift of securities

In the United States and a few other countries, it is usually better from a tax standpoint to donate appreciated stocks and mutual funds you have held for more than one year directly to CHAI, rather than selling them first and then donating the cash. If you donate the securities directly, you may not have to pay capital gains taxes on the increase in the value of your securities, and you may be able to claim the full market value of your stock or mutual fund as a donation.


In addition, bonds and other securities can be willed to CHAI with the provision that you will continue to receive the interest from them throughout your lifetime.


Gift of real estate

Giving real estate directly to CHAI provides similar benefits to giving securities directly. A gift of real estate may consist of all or a partial interest in many types of property, such as a residence, vacation home, farm, ranch, condominium, cooperative apartment, or commercial property.


A "life estate" is created when you make a charitable transfer of ownership of a personal residence to CHAI during your lifetime while being able to continue to live in the property throughout your lifetime.


Gift of a retirement plan

Retirement assets are one of the most beneficial of gifts. Contributions made over the years to an IRA or other qualified plan have been growing tax-free within the plan, and if left to a charity, estate taxes are usually avoided. The gift can be either a dollar amount or any percentage of your retirement plan or IRA account. Your retirement planís administrator can provide a beneficiary form for you to name CHAI as your sole or partial beneficiary.


Gift of insurance

There are several ways to support CHAI through an insurance-related gift. Please discuss this with your financial advisor or insurance agent.


Gift by will or trust

Through a will, you may make a gift from your estate in a number of ways, including leaving a specified dollar amount or percentage of your estate, leaving a specific piece of property, or leaving the remainder of your estate after other expenses and bequests have been paid.


There are numerous kinds of trusts. Trusts allow you to make significant gifts to CHAI while also enjoying a number of tax and other financial benefits. Through the use of a trust, you can provide income for yourself and other people, while reducing or eliminating income taxes, estate taxes, and gift taxes. There are a great many options for both wills and trusts, and the help of professional advisors is essential.


To name CHAI in your will or trust, all you will need is the following information:

CHAI's full legal name: Concern for Helping Animals in Israel, Inc.

CHAI's permanent mailing address: PO Box 3341, Alexandria, VA 22302

CHAI's federal tax identification number: 52-1349562

Your relationship to the beneficiary: Charity

CHAI is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.


Because wills are legal documents, your bequest should contain the phrase:

"I give, devise, and bequeath to Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI), Inc., federal tax identification number 52-1349562, with the permanent address of PO Box 3341, Alexandria, VA 22302, the sum of $_______ and/or unencumbered properties described as___________ [describe the real estate or personal property or percentage of your estate] to be applicable for the general purpose of the organization."


To add to an existing will, simply write this information as a codicil (an amendment). Both wills and codicils must be witnessed and dated.


Be sure that your bank or your attorney has a copy of your will to be certain that your wishes will be respected.


If you are planning to make a gift through a will or trust, or if you have already provided for CHAI in your will or trust, please take a moment to tell us about it by phone or letter. This information, which will be kept strictly confidential, will also help to ensure that your wishes are respected.